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Our volunteers are invaluable to our ability to provide the best care & attention we can to the animals at our center. We are always seeking kind, animal-loving volunteers to assist with a variety of daily tasks. 


Interested in volunteering? Fill out the form below and let us know!


Foster to Adopt Program

We like to give our potential adopters the option of fostering-to-adopt. Fostering-to-adopt allows you to essentially “try” your new pet out for a 14 day trial period to see if he/she is a good fit. There will, of course, be those of you who know right away that this is the cat/dog for you. Then there are those of you who need the entire 14 days.  All we ask is that you let us know as soon as you have made your decision. We will not process the adoption until you finalize it with us. Once finalized, you will pay the adoption fee, you will receive a free pet wellness exam at a participating veterinarian, and you will receive the pet's medical records.

To participate in our Foster-to-Adopt Program, we ask you first come meet the cat or dog you are interested in fostering.  You must fill out a foster application for the cat/dog of interest. Then we will process the application and will inform you of your approval status, typically the same day. 

To proceed with the foster-to-adopt, you will receive a “Foster-to-Adopt Contract”. This is a legally binding document that establishes the dog as still belonging to FCAC, making you the temporary foster home.  During the foster period you are responsible for the well-being and daily care of the animal.

Please understand that we prefer our cats and dogs not to bounce around from home to home so if you decide this isn’t the dog or cat for you within the 14 day time frame, it is essential that you let us know as soon as you have made a decision-- even if before the 14 day period. We also ask you give the new pet at least 48 hours to adjust before making an impulse decision.  You won't see his or her true personality until they have time to acclimate.  We also have handouts and tips to help make the adjustment period smoother!

If you are interested in fostering to adopt, please come visit us during open hours.  If you have specific questions feel free to email or call 574-223-PETS


​Volunteer Opportunities 

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