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The Center could benefit from the following:


  • Dog, Puppy, Cat and Kitten food (Preferred brand IAMS or PurinaOne - Dry or Canned)

  • Dog and Cat Treats and long lasting non-rawhide bones, nylabones, cow hooves, etc.

  • Cat Litter, any kind

  • Unused pet medications

  • Blankets and towels (no filled comforters)

  • Cleaning supplies, Bleach, Fabuloso, baking soda

  • Large or Extra large wire dog crates

  • Toilet paper, paper towels

  • Postage Stamps

  • Hot dogs

  • Small and medium plastic cat carriers

  • Airwick plug in refills (any clean scent)

  • KMR - Kitten Replacement Milk and Miracle Nipples (amazon)

  • Trash bags (tall kitchen and black 33+ gallon)

  • Office supplies- postage notes, pens, printer paper, two pocket folders

  • Donations of money (tax-deductible)


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